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A Well Kept Secret Sandwich Snack – Sleepy Hollow Review

If you know anything about me and Disney, you must know that I LOVE Disney food! One of the things that excites me the most about knowing I’m heading south to visit the mouse, is that I know I’m going to get to try out some of my most favorite foods, some that I can get no where else on the planet but at Walt Disney World! This blog, is dedicated to one of those most beloved snacks, the Nutella Waffle Sandwich.

Nestled back in Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom, you will find Sleepy Hollow, a quick service snack shop. It is located close to The Hall of Presidents. What makes it a well kept secret? Well, many I know choose not to check out The Hall of Presidents, especially if they are frequent visitors to the Magic Kingdom, and have seen the show before. If you are one who skips this attraction, then you probably don’t walk by the entrance to Sleepy Hollow. But I promise you, if you check it out once, and try one of their tasty treats, then you will certainly not pass by this place again!


One of my most favorite snacks in all of the Magic Kingdom (taking only a third place seat to the Dole Whip and the turkey leg) is the Fresh Fruit and Nutella Waffle Sandwich. If you like fruit, and you like chocolate, and you like waffles (because let’s face it, who doesn’t like waffles), then you must certainly try this waffle sandwich! With a good size serving of Nutella spread across all those little square dimples, and fresh strawberries, blueberries, and banana slices, this thing is to die for! And it makes a great breakfast, if you chose to eat that early morning meal in the parks instead of your resort.


Looks amazing, huh? Those cast members must make it with an extra large heaping of love too, because I’ve tried to make the deliciousness at home, and while mine is good too, it just doesn’t taste quite as great as the one they serve at Sleepy Hollow. Maybe mine is just missing the ambiance of the Magic Kingdom and Cinderella’s Castle, ya think? And just in case  you are someone who doesn’t like Nutella (because I know there are those who exist, but I can’t say I understand how they survive day to day life without chocolate,) there are several other super yummy treats served here.


You can enjoy a waffle sandwich with ham or chicken, or just with strawberries and whip cream. They have funnel cakes and homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches (which you can get made with birthday cake ice cream!) They also have expresso, water and other beverages, and a Liberty Swirl Slush, which is GREAT on a hot summer day. Be sure to check out Sleepy Hollow on your next visit to Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom. A must hit stop for your quick service snack!

Out with the old, in with the new

If you have traveled to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the last few years, you might have visited an attraction called “Journey into Narnia: Prince Caspian”. It sat right between “Toy Story Midway Mania” and “Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream”. And if you have visited within the last year, you might have noticed that this attraction has been closed. This was just a little walk through attraction, no ride, no long wait, and it is no wonder with the Narnia series becoming a bit aged that it would close. When my family was there last, we noticed the attraction was not operating any longer, and immediately started wondering what would come next!

Well, at long last, our wondering has been answered. This week, our friends at Disney Parks Blog revealed just what is in store for this old spot!


“Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow” will soon be opening in Hollywood Studios. Captain Jack and his crew have swashbuckled their way into our world, and if your family is like mine (especially if you have any 6 – 10 year old boys!) we love pirates! From costumes to DVD’s, tshirts, Peter Pan and Captain Hook, to Jake and the Neverland Pirates, our family enjoys a good ‘ol Yo ho, yo ho, – it’s a pirate’s life for us! And we can’t wait to check out this new walk through to learn more about what it takes to be Captain Jack!

When it officially opens December 6th, guests will enter into a spooky grotto where they will meet a pirate skull who will test them and see if they have what it takes to be a part of the infamous Captain Jack’s pirate crew. They will get to experience a pirate’s life as some of their favorite scenes from the movies will come to life before them.

pirate grotto

Sure to be something not missed, you’ll want to check this new spot out the next time you visit Hollywood Studios. And if you get there before me and my family, make sure you come back and let me know just how it is! Ahoy Matey! Argh!

Photos courtesy of the Disney Parks Blog.

New Beverages in the Parks?

So, probably not something I will partake in personally, but I am sure this will be a HUGE hit for many Epcot goers that I know! Kirin, a frozen draft beer that has become a favorite in Toyoko, Japan, and sold in over 650 locations, can now be found in the Japan pavillion in Epcot! You will find it in the Garden House, the Kabuki Cafe and in the Tokyo Dining restaurant, and the cost is about $8.00.

Kirin Japanese Beer










Kirin is not available anywhere else in the United States! Kirin is actually a frozen topping, which somewhat resembles ice cream, and floats on the top of the beer. It actually keeps the beer cold for about 30 minutes! But while it looks alot like the favorite tasty frozen treat ice cream, this one is NOT for the kiddos. It is actually made of beer, and tastes of it too. Rumor is that many people are a little cautious before trying it, but are coming back for seconds. I would think if you are a beer drinker, Kirin is certainly worth the try considering you’ll have to travel all the way to Toyko to try it if you don’t try it in Epcot!


And while we’re on the subject, were you aware that the Magic Kingdom is no longer a dry park? For some of us who have been traveling south to the mouse for many years, this comes as a slight shock, as the Magic Kingdom has always been a park where beer and wine were not offered. But I must admit, the more buzz I hear about it, I must admit, that it really seems like it was only a matter of time, and Disney found the best fashion to introduce it to their original Florida theme park – through the largest expansion of the Magic Kingdom ever – the New Fantasyland!


In the New Fantasyland, you’ll find Belle’s village, and in this area of the park you will stumble upon Beast’s Castle! One of the new restaurants here is Be Our guest, and since Belle is from France, they are offering French wines and beer. While some parents may be disappointed in the offering of alcohol in the Magic Kingdom, the good thing is that this is offered in a controlled setting, in a restaurant, and not just out in the open at beverage carts and snack stands like other parks. And along with the Be Our Guest restaurant, Gaston’s Tavern will be opening as a Quick Service restaurant. The little tikes can get in on the fun of the infamous pub from Beaty and the Beast by ordering LeFou’s Brew.

LeFou's brew







Named after Gaston’s sidekick, LeFou’s brew is a no-sugar added frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow, topped with all-natural passion fruit-mango foam. It is also served in souvenir steins and goblets! One thing to note however, is that the signature sweet at Gaston’s Tavern is actually not the brew, but actually cinnamon rolls, which are sweet, gooey, and available all day long!

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