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Walt Disney World Christmas Parade – Magic Kingdom

The dates have been announced for the Annual Disney Parks Christmas Parade to be filmed in the Magic Kingdom in the Walt Disney World Resort. This year’s filming will take place on December 6th and 7th. The parade airs every year on the ABC Network on Christmas Day.

Park guests can attend the taping of the Christmas Parade with their standard park admission tickets – you do not need a separate ticket for the parade.

If you are visiting the Walt Disney World resort during these dates, you may want to attend the filming of the parade. A word of caution  – this will be a very, very, very long day for you! They do not run the parade in it’s entirety all at one time like you see on t.v. The parade will be started and stopped over and over again. The performers will perform over and over again. This is to ensure that every desired camera angle is achieved, and every best shot is captured. Chances are highly likely that if you have small children, they will not be able to make it through the entire thing. But, that doesn’t mean you should steer clear! You can show up, pick a spot, and then hang out as long as you can! No one says that once you get there, you have to stay put during the entire thing! And if you don’t make it to the beginning, you might find yourself with a good spot later as others leave the front lines.

One other thing to note – Main Street will be virtually impassable during this filming. When you enter the park, you will see film crews and camera spots all over the place near the entrance and the area by the train station. You will see roped off areas and walkways that will take you around the filming. If you don’t plan on attending the filming, it might be easiest to pick another of the parks to visit on these days. If you heart is set on the Magic Kingdom anyway, you might find that the lines for the rides are a little shorter while filming is going on, so hit up the heavy liners during this time! Any of the mountains, (Space, Big Thunder, Splash), the Haunted Mansion or even Pirates of the Caribbean should be an easy zip straight to the ride.

And for the rest of us, we’ll be watching from home on Christmas Day! 

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